Egg Donation Compensation

When considering an egg donor agency, we understand egg donor compensation can be a major factor to consider. The compensation paid to you as an egg donor is for the time, effort and inconvenience you will go through during the cycle. We are happy to learn that the compensation will open a door of possibilities for you.

We performed a survey where we noted that how our egg donors have used their compensation.

Many of our egg donors have used their compensation for purposes as below:

  • Educational goals.
  • Contribute to their favorite charitable organization.
  • Some has purchased their own home.
  • Fixed deposit for their own children and family.
  • Some has started their own business.
  • Additional savings
  • Some of our egg donors gave financial support to their family
  • There are many other factors where our egg donors has used their compensations and changed their life.

We compensate our donors on the day of egg collection.

For more details you are welcome to Fertility Care India.

Egg Donation Compensation