Coordinators Team

We place the highest priority on the care of all our surrogates, therefore, Fertility Care India has a wonderful team of coordinators of above 20 people who look after our surrogate mothers’ day to day management.

Kumar Sanu - Head of Coordinator

Our team work with the nurse and other medical assistance staff to ensure that all medicines are taken and the broader team to ensure that surrogates attend all appointments with medical team for their routine checkups, medical investigation and ultrasound scans etc. They ensure surrogates are taking prescribed medications, daily supplements to support pregnancy and are getting proper rest. Our coordinators also provide assistance to our surrogate mothers’ families whenever there is need.

This team will monitor the well being of a surrogate / donor on a daily basis and if there are any concerns then these are discussed with the head of the management.

These coordinators also keep an close eye on their regular activity. This team performs their responsibilities along with other social workers in the field.

Coordinators and other caretakers either live at the surrogate accommodation or visit every day to assist our surrogate mothers with their every need.

Fertility Care India has a perfect management system to look after our surrogate mothers. Let's have a look at some of our coordinators'

Prabhat Kumar Singh - Coordinator
He takes care of the meal arrangements at surrogate home. If any surrogate mother has some special requirement then she is free to tell this to Mr. Prabhat.

Rajveer Singh - Coordinator
He is also the in charge of surrogate home 2. He leads all the admin work at surrogate home.

Amit Kumar Choubey - Coordinator
He is the admin executive of Surrogate home. He takes care of the housekeeping arrangements as it is very necessary to keep the place neat and clean where our surrogate mother lives during their period of surrogacy pregnancy.

Kamal - Coordinator
He is the assistant of Mr. Arun Kumar. He helps Mr. Arun in his day to day work. They both organize the needful things together and deliver the same as per surrogate mothers’ expectations.

Jai Dev - Coordinator
Our surrogate mothers undergo many hormone medications and injections. This event leads by Mr. Dev. He verifies that surrogate mothers are receiving all the medications which are prescribed by the medical team.

Arun Kumar - Coordinator
Fertility Care India has two surrogate homes. Mr. Kumar takes care of the surrogate home. If any coordinator or social workers needs anything with respect to the care of surrogate mothers then they will first contact Mr. Kumar to do the needful.

Ravi Sheikh - Coordinator
He looks after the transportation services. He ensure that our all surrogate mothers are travelling in the vehicle which are provided by Fertility Care India as surrogate care is our first priority. He organize the same on daily basis for surrogate mothers’ routine checkups/ ultrasound + blood tests.

Babulal - Coordinator
Mr. Babu Lal is responsible for organizing daily routine checkups of surrogate mother which are held at the clinic. He is responsible to bring them carefully from surrogate home to the clinic.