Become a Surrogate Mother

If you are planning to become a surrogate mother for the couple who cannot carry their own child but still dream for their parenthood then you are welcome to contact Fertility Care India where you can help others in this way. This is the journey where every surrogate mother need their family support. It demands for emotionally and physically task. While planning for this journey you must having lots of questions in your mind. Fertility Care India is the organization which has been helping others more than 3 years. We have a vast collection of the surrogate mothers and you are free to talk to anybody for their experience and thoughts.

The woman who is preparing herself to be a surrogate mother required to fulfill below mentioned conditions which are decided under Section 56 of the Act:

  • She is at least twenty-one years of age.
  • As the risks of illness and problems are much higher in the first pregnancy it is strongly recommended that surrogate mothers should have borne at least one child previously and preferably have completed her own family.
  • She has not previously acted as a surrogate for compensation more than once.
  • She has completed a medical evaluation and the evaluating physician has determined that there is no known reason why she would not be capable of carrying a child to term without endangering her health or the health of the child.
  • In the case of a surrogacy involving in vitro fertilization or similar technology involving fertilization outside the uterus, is informed consent to the medical procedures associated with the establishment of a pregnancy through embryo transfer. She must have provided the written consent.
  • She has completed a mental health evaluation by a mental health.
  • She has undergone legal consultation with independent legal counsel regarding the terms of the surrogacy contract and the potential legal consequences of the surrogacy.

Fertility Care India help you to organize your complete medically screening. This is the decision which takes time to get finalized but once you are ready to help others as a surrogate mother then you can find Fertility Care India just after you to help you out.

Let’s be a reason of others’ happiness and join Fertility Care India.

Become Surrogate Mother